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ANGELINE GROUP LTD. offers streamlined production services at competitive prices to clients in the medical, home and industrial garment and textile business.


Our Beginning:

Based in Taiwan, we have been involved in the medical textile industry for over 45 years with great expertise in surgical and patient care garments as well as bedding items. We have been the first to introduce new and innovative textile products to hospitals all over Taiwan and have developed numerous function and performance features including: anti-bacterial, water-vapor permeable, liquid impermeable, anti-static, moisture transfer, quick drying, and flame resistance. Throughout Taiwan, Angeline has set up Laundry facilities that service the needs of hospitals, clinics, hotels and restaurants.


Up to the present:


In Taiwan and Mainland China :


Our factory in Taiwan produces medical garments for rental textile and laundry business. In Shanghai we also set up a factory just for China Mainland with product range that includes medical uniforms, hospital garments and beddings and medical shoes servicing around 200 hospitals and clinic.


For our export business we have a factory in China which we partly owned based in Shandong Province. 3 years ago due to our expanding business we signed a contract with Wuhan province to set up a new factory.


In Cambodia


Our Cambodia factory produces garments for export mostly to European countries for a duty free production which also includes Canada.

Angeline Group Ltd.
Main Head Office:
Taiwan: No. 9, 2F, Lane 206,
Jhonggang Road, Hsinjuang City
Tapei,. Taiwan
Tel: 886 2 89935668; Fax : 886 2 29937367

TEL: 886-2-89935668
Fax: 886-2-29937367
Address : 224 No. 9, 2F, Lane 206, Jhonggang Road, Hsinjuang CityTapei,. Taiwan










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